Ancient Cypriot Collection

Museum of Cycladic Art

The rich in style, decoration, and imaginative shapes Cypriot pottery of the prehistoric and historic periods

Permanent Exhibition


550 artefacts from the 4th millennium BC to the 18th century AD illustrate, through a new museographical approach, significant aspects of ancient Cypriot life and art in its various manifestations through time.

The exhibition highlights the rich in style, decoration, and imaginative shapes Cypriot pottery (utilitarian, storage, and table wares) of the prehistoric and historic periods, which represent the collection’s core. The pottery is presented in ten cases, covering a wide spectrum from the mid-third Millennium BC to Late Antiquity.

A number of thematic units complete the pottery display: religion, weaving, perfume making, funerary rites, writing, metalworking, coins, seal stones, and foreign relations. The display also includes glass vases and ancient jewelry.

A distinct section is dedicated to the development of the human form in figurines and sculpture from Chalcolithic to Roman times allowing the visitor to understand specific types in the long development from the first Chalcolithic figurines and pendants of the fourth millennium BC, made of native Cypriot picrolite, to the acme of terracotta and sculptural art in limestone – and, rarely, marble – of the Iron Age.

The exhibit is accompanied by comprehensive texts for each case, introductory and thematic texts, maps and a chronological chart, as well as multimedia applications on touch screens with texts, figures, and drawings that contain further information on Cypriot copper, the commodity that brought wealth and well-being to the island, the history of writing and coinage.

In general, the breadth of Cypriot archaeology and art across its long history from the oldest settlements to the height of the historical city-kingdoms, but also Cyprus’s relations, both cultural and commercial, with the wider Mediterranean world at different stages of antiquity, evolves on interactive surfaces within an ingenious digital design with scientifically documented material, accessible to students, the average visitor, but also the specialist.

The visitor may stop at the touch-screens, which explore the history of the metal formations and deposits of copper, the commodity that gave wealth and well-being to Cyprus, as well as of the various systems of pro-syllabic and syllabic writing, and of the story of exchange and currency.

Two interactive surfaces recount the island’s lengthy history from prehistoric times to the climax of the city-kingdoms and the Late Roman period, as well as interrelations with the outside world. There are also fascinating accounts of journeys of ancient ships with their cargoes to various ports throughout the Mediterranean.

Event Info

Museum of Cycladic Art

4 Neophytou Douka St, 10674 Athens , +30-210-7228321-3 ,

Monday – Wednesday – Friday – Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00
Thursday: 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 17:00
Tuesday: closed

Admission 3,5 - 7 euro

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