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"Dig up, share, even try to fix the errors of your own big city; all kinds of errors, experienced by all kinds of people. People like you."



Life in a City Full of Errors, is a cross-media platform that aims at sensitizing the citizens offering them the possibility to dig out, record, share and also go out and fix the errors of their big city. In other words, the error team, consisting of the documentary filmmaker Myrto Papadogeorgou, Giorgos Chloros and Nikos Konstantinou created a game that if you play it, maybe you can make a real change in your city. The project was awarded at the 12th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival in 2010 and participated at the DocXchange workshop in Toronto, organized by Filmkontakt Nord and Hot Docs in 2011. Myrto Papadogeorgou shares with ελ the idea behind the project inviting us to become part of the solutions of our city.

ελc: So what is this project about? The errors, the city or its citizens? Tell a few words about it.
Myrto Papadogeorgou: Is a city the sum of its citizens? And if so, do we, as citizens, have the power and will to fix our broken cities?

City of errors is a cross-media platform that addresses that very issue. By using the principles of online gaming, combined with the narrative of trans-media storytelling, our aim is to engage our users in an interactive experience where the ultimate goal is to learn how to be a better citizen. To be part that is, of the solutions rather than the problems of their city.

Our main tool is City of Terrors, a simple game with user-centered design. Like in any online game the aim is to gather points. But unlike most of its counterparts, the action field and impact of City of Terrors are to be found in our very real world. In short, players are asked to make an online user profile, and then go offline, film an error of their city and their attempt to fix it and then use our smartphone app to upload a one minute video of that attempt on an interactive online map of the city which will be hosted on our site.

We initiate this game with an online documentary series, called Life in a City Full of Errors. Through the series, we define the project’s identity, build a fan base, get media attention and even recruit new team members.  The series is composed of 10 documentaries that tell everyday stories on the problems of our city from the inspiring perspective of extra-ordinary people who, unlike most of us, have chosen to deal with these problems. We have up to today uploaded 4 videos and our plan is to keep going in any pace and frequency we can. We upload one episode per month and everyone can watch them for free. And people do watch them, like them and share them.

ελc: What phase is the project traversing at the moment?
M.P.: We are currently looking for ways to fund and set up the Game, creating alliances with other groups who believe in what we believe, building a fan base, adding new team members and filming the Life in a City Full of Errors web documentary series.

ελc: What are you hoping to achieve from this?
M.P.: We are hoping to create an entertaining learning-by-doing toolkit that gives young people the space and incentive to get actively involved with their city’s problems. A toolkit ready to be used in any city by simply adjusting its content. And we start with Athens, the real Sin City.

For more information about the project, please visit the Life in a City Full of Errors’ website.


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